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ADA chassis numbers

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
01 Ford DFV 1982 C Francois Duret => ADA Engineering (1984) => (?) Francy Jerancic => {destroyed} Based on '74 Lola chassis. In 1982-83 raced as DeCadenet Lola. For 1983 new bodywork and alternately group C/C junior. After 1984 season - the end of international racing. Then in a private collection in Yugoslavia. Perhaps this is the car which Francy Jerancic with Bozic wanted to race in WSPC 1986 as Lola (but didn't) and with Jerancic did several appearances in Interserie before he totally destroyed it. It was know as Lola Mazda C2.
02 Ford DFL 1987 C2 ADA Engineering => Laurence Jacobsen (9/91) Destroyed in Kyalami 1987. Rebuilt as 02B in 1989 - Supercup, Le Mans and WSPC for PC Automotive. In 1990 BRDC in England. Tested with Aero Bonner V6 5.8 litre. Then sold to Jacobsen for Interserie.
03 Ford 1988 C2 ADA Engineering => Colin Pool (end 1988) => Francesco Molino, I (1993) Built as replacement of damaged 02 for 1988 season. Then sold to Colin Pool for BRDC. In 1998 still owned by Molino.

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