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ALD chassis numbers

ALD chassis numbers:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
C2/01 BMW 1985 C2 Louis Descartes => Miguel-Georges Baudoin (1986)  
C2/02 BMW 1986 C2 Louis Descartes    
C2/03 BMW (Audi) 1987 C2 Louis Descartes   Experiments with Audi Turbo engine.
C2/04 BMW 1988 C2 Louis Descartes    
C2/05 BMW 1989 C2 Didier Bonnet    
C2/06 BMW 1989 C2 Didier Bonnet => Louis Descartes (1989) => Stealth Engineering (~1994)  
C289-01 DFL 3.3 1989 C2 Louis Descartes => Marc Pachot (1992) For 1990 season moved into C1a and fitted with DFZ 3.5. Sometimes called C190.
C91-? Ford 1991 C1a Louis Descartes    

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