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GRD chassis numbers

GRD Sports Cars

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
S73-072 Ford 1973 S2.0 Team Palma/Ernesto Neves => Carlos Santos (1973) => Mané Nogueira Pinto (1976) => Orlando Gonçalves (1977) => Carlos Oliveira e Silva (1980) => Mário Silva (1981) Raced by Orlando Gonçalves in 1977 under the name Bravo BR77, even in the World Championship round. In 1980 fitted with BMW engine.
S73-073 Ford 1973 S2.0 "Lumaro" => Sídio Viana (1977) => Mário Silva (1979) => Pedro Faria (1981) => ... => Philippe Demeyer (~2007)  
S73-041 Ford 1973 S2.0 Dart Racing/Dave Walker    

There were a lot of other GRD chassis raced in Europe and also in Japan. Various range of types were built between 1972 and 1975.

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