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HWM chassis numbers

HWM sportscars by registration numbers:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
XMC 34   1952     => G. Scali (1954) Converted F2 car used in Britsh club events 1952/3 by Oscar and Tom Moore. Sold 1954 to G Scali
HWM 1 Jaguar 1953   H. W. Motors => Ray Fielding (1955) Works car for 1953 usually driven by George Abecassis . Sold winter 55/56 to Ray Fielding in Scotland. Re-registered as YPG 3
XPA 748   1954       Built 1954 for a customer in central England. Presumed G. Mansell who ran in minor hill climbs at this time in an HWM. Later used as a road car,
VPA 8 Jaguar 1954   Tony Gaze   Biult for Tony Gaze for 1954 season. Shipped back to Australia by Gaze during 1955. Later raced by Lex Davidson.
2 BMF Cadillac V8 1954   J. Marshall   Assembled by J. Marshall from works parts fitted Cadillac V8 . Driven by R. A. Page in 54/55
XPE 2   1955   H. W. Motors => Roy Bloxham New works car for 1955 with bodt similar to Aston DB3S. Raced to end 1957, then to Roy Bloxham
HWM 1 (2)   1956   H. W. Motors => John Bekaert (1958) => A. Milne (1959) => A. Mann (1960) New car for 1956 following sale of original. Raced to end 1957 then sold to John Bekaert.
SPC 982   1957   Phil Scragg   Based on Alta F2 chassis for Phil Scragg for hill clims 1957 to 1959.
GPB 5           Coupe road use only

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