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Lola group C/GTP chassis numbers

Lola group C and IMSA GTP:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
T600-HU1 Chevrolet V8 6.0 1981-3-27 GTP Haas => Cooke-Woods Racing   Color: golden yellow. Redman winner IMSA 1981. Raced in Miami 1984 by Vincentz/Canepa/Mullen.
T600-HU2 Porsche Turbo 1981-4-10 Gr.6 Haas => Cooke-Woods Racing   Color: royal blue. Did not qualify in Le Mans 1981 with Porsche engine.
T600-HU3 Ford 1981 Gr.6 Grid Team Lola => Tokyo R & D (28/1/1983) Color: green/white/blue. Works car in 1981.
T600-HU4 Chevrolet 5.7 1981-5-18 GTP Haas => John Paul John Kalagian (1983) => sold to ?, driven by Boand/Anderson (sold mid-1984) Color: white.
T600-HU5 Chevrolet 5.7 1981-6-19 GTP Haas => Chris Cord => Chuck Kendall (~1984) => John Starkey => ? (5/1999), Steve Freund (~2005) Color: red.
T600-HU6 Chevrolet 5.7 1981-7-3 GTP Haas => Interscope   Color: black.
T600-HU7 Chevrolet 5.7 1981-7-9 GTP Haas => Interscope   Color: black.
T600-HU8 Porsche 1981-7-20 GTP Haas => Jamy Mazzotta => Bruce Leven/Bayside Disposal (~1983) => Taco Almeida (~1984) => John Starkey Color: white. Raced by Haywood/Leven in 1983, then sold to Taco Almeida and raced in Miami 84-86 with Ford engine.
T600-HU9 Chevrolet 5.7 1981-10-20 GTP Haas => Interscope   Color: royale blue.
T600-HU10 Chevrolet 1983-6-28 GTP Chevrolet GMC   Corvette GTP prototype.
T600-HU11 Chevrolet 5.8 1983-4-20 GTP Haas => Phil Conte   Color: black. Raced in 1983/84 by Conte Racing
T600-HU12 BMW Turbo 1982-6-30 C1 Karl-Heinz Becker   Color: Ferrari red. Since 1987 raced as a group C2 car, in 1993 fitted with Ford Cosworth 3.5 litre.
T610-HU1 Cosworth DFL 3.9 1982 C1 Lola Cars => Terry Hook (30/12/1983) => ... => Kerry Mitchell (~2005) Color: white/yellow/blue. Sold to Terry Hook in Australia in 1984 and re-engined with a Chevrolet 366.
T610-HU2 Cosworth DFL 3.9 1982-5-31 C1 Kent-Cooke Racing => John Bartlett (1984) Color: canary yellow. Raced at Le Mans 1982-83 by Cooke Racing then raced as C2 car with DFL 3.3 in Thundersports and some rounds of World Championship 1984.
T616-HU1 Mazda 1983-6-23 GTP/Lights Haas => Jim Busby/BF Goodrich   Color: white.
T616-HU2 Mazda 1983-10-13 C2 Haas => Jim Busby/BF Goodrich   Color: white.
T616-HU3 Mazda 1983-12-22 C2 Haas => Jim Busby/BF Goodrich   Color: white. Raced at Le Mans 1984.
T616-HU4 Polimotor 1983 GTP/Lights Haas => Matty Holzberg   Color: white.
T710-HU1 Chevrolet V6 3.4 Turbo 1984-05-04 GTP General Motors => Hendricks Motorsport (19/6/1985) Color: white. Raced as Chevrolet Corvette GTP.
T711-HU2 Chevrolet V8 5.8 1984-12-14 GTP Haas => Lew Price => Paul Stubber, AUS (2007~2008) Raced as Chevrolet Corvette GTP. Normally aspirated Chevrolet engine.
T810-HU1 Nissan 1985-04-11 GTP Electramotive => Matrix Motors => Benton Bryan (2002) => STPO (2003) Color: unpainted. Car nicknamed 'Elvis'.
T810-HU2 Nissan 1985-05-25 GTP Electramotive => Louis Buffalo, Matrix Motors Color: black/unpainted. Back up car in 1985. Show car.
T810-HU3 Nissan 1985-06-25 C1 Le Mans Co. Ltd.   Color: black/unpainted.
T810-HU4 Nissan 1985-08-08 C1 Le Mans Co. Ltd. => Matrix Motors => ? (2003) Color: black/unpainted.
T810-8701 (T710-3) Nissan 1986-01-10 GTP Electramotive => Jim Busby (1990) => Rene Herzog (1991) Delivered to Electramotive on 10/1/1986. Lola chassis. Crashed at San Antonio in 1987. Rebuilt in 1988 using parts from wrecked 8802.
T810-8702 (T710-4) Nissan 1987 GTP Electramotive    
T8610-HU01 Chevrolet V6 Turbo 1986-04-25 GTP Hendricks Motorsport {destroyed in Watkins Glen accident} Raced as Chevrolet Corvette GTP.
T8610-HU02 Chevrolet V6 Turbo 1986-06-20 GTP Hendricks Motorsport   Raced as Chevrolet Corvette GTP.
T8612-HU03 Chevrolet V6 Turbo 1986-07-12 GTP General Motors   Color: white/black/silver. Exported 17/7/1987. Raced as Chevrolet Corvette GTP. Development of T86/10 - car with Lotus active suspension.
T8710-HU01 Chevrolet V6 Turbo 1986-12-31 GTP Hendricks Motorsport/Haas   Color: unpainted. Exported 28/10/1987. Raced as Chevrolet Corvette GTP.
T8811-HU01 Chevrolet V8 1988-05-09 GTP Carl Haas => Peerless Racing => Dennis Kazmerowski (1989) => Paul Canary (1990) => Mike Howard Leicester (1991~2009) Raced as Chevrolet Corvette GTP. Normally aspirated Chevrolet engine. Original chassis plate (HU8810-01) returned and replacement (HU8810-01) issued 7/11/1991 to Mr. M. Howard-Leicester.
T9210-HU01 Judd 1991-12-12 C1a Euroracing (Zwolsman) ...=> Stan Wattles/Metro Racing Systems, USA (~2004~2005) Perhaps four T92/10 cars built. Both Euroracing team cars were auctioned by the Dutch government.
T9210-HU02 Judd 1992-04-02 C1a Euroracing (Zwolsman) => ?, B => ?, USA => Stan Wattles/Metro Racing Systems, USA (~2004~2005) Raced in HSR events.
T9210-HU03 Judd 1992-06-17 C1a McNeil Engineering   Raced Interserie since 1995 and became the best group C car in the championship. Since 1998 variously raced in Interserie and a new ISRS with and open top bodywork. Few years later seen in group C1 closed configuration racing in Interserie again. In 2005 still in the UK.

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