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Lola Can-Am chassis numbers

Lola T160 series chassis numbers

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
SL160/1 Ford 1968-09-09 Group 7/66 George Bignotti => Jerry Hansen (1969) Driven by Mario Andretti in Can-Am 1968. Then raced by Jerry Hansen in the first part of 1969 season. The car was red. Hansen then sold it and bought another T160 from AAR. Later rebodied with T70 Mk.3 Coupe body.
SL160/2   1968-09-06 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Hugh Powell (1969) =>? Marshall Brooke Doran? => Chuck Beck => Jerry Smith (1970) => … => David Giorgi (~1977) => …=> Mac McClendon => Jerry Weichers (~1989) => Stewart Hall (1992~2009) Driven by Chuck Parsons in 1968. Probably the car that was raced by Bob Bondurant in 1970 and David Giorgi in Can-Am 1978.
SL160/3 Chevrolet 1968-09-16 Group 7/66 John Surtees => Dan Davis (1970/71~2006) Driven by Surtees in Can-Am 1968, the car was modified and called Lola TS160 or just Lola TS. Bought from Surtees by Dan Davis in 1970 or 1971 who has owned it ever since.
SL160/4   1968-09-07 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Dan Gurney => Carl Haas (~1/1969) => Jerry Hansen (1969) => Fred Baker (1969) => Orly Thornsjo (1970) => Jim Richmond (1973) => Mitch Nalda (1974) => Pete Moore (1976) => Bill Peter (1978) => Rich Mason (1980) => Dick Wyly (1982) => Bill Swope (1999) => Jim Edwards (2004) => Sam Lang (2005~2012) Probably the car that was raced by All American Racers, originally as no.36 driven by Sawage, then by Gurney himself as no.48. The ex-AAR car then went to Jerry Hansen, Fred Baker and Orly Thornsjo.
SL160/5   1968-08-16 Group 7/66 Carl Haas    
SL160/6   1968-08-22 Group 7/66 Carl Haas    
SL160/7 Chrysler 1968 Group 7/66 John Crean => Ron Dykes => Bill Overhauser => ... => Malcolm Clube (~1983) => Ted Williams (~1986~1990) => "Beurlys" collection, B Originally purchased by John Crean who owned two T160s planning own team but that never actually happened. So it was sold brand new to Bill Overhauser. Car ran with Chrysler Hemicuda engine before being switch to more traditional Chevrolet power. Raced by Malcolm Clube in 1983, Ted Williams in 1986, John Saphir in 1987 and again by Ted Williams in 1990. Not known if ever owned by Saphir or just raced by him.
SL160/8 Chevrolet 1968-09-13 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Brian O'Neil => Danny Hopkins (1970) => Mike Slater/Commander Motor Homes => Andy Anderson => Chuck Haines (1979) => ... => Richard Griot (~2005) O'Neil's and Hopins's Can-Am car. Then raced by George Trinkler in the mid 1970s.
SL160/9 Chevrolet 1968-09-20 Group 7/66 Carl Haas ...=> Rod Leach Probably driven by Parsons in 1970. Later used as a road car.
SL160/10 Chevrolet 1968-09-26 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Autodynamics …=> Doug Chandler (~2008)  
SL160/11   1968-10-09 Group 7/66 Carl Haas    
SL162/12   1968 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => John Creen => Ron Dahl (1976) => Tony Seinenger (1978) => Dan Martin (1981) => Lief Nielson, S (1988) => Jack Boxstrom, USA (1991) => Harry Bytzek, CDN (1993) => John Littlechild (late 1997) => Bob Akin (2000) => …=> Reg Howell => Todd Glyer (~2009) Purchased from Carl Haas by John Crean for James Garner's American International Racers (AIR) Team, who had been successfully running T70s in endurance racing. The car was never used as the team ran Gurney Eagle F 5000 cars instead in the L&M series. It was sold in 1976 to Ron Dahl who never raced the car. In 1978 Tony Seinenger ran a few SCCA races. Dan Martin ran it in the early days of the CA Historics (Steve Earl).
SL162/13 Chevrolet 1969-04-16 Group 7/66 Carl Haas ...=> Monte Shelton (~1972) => Tom Armstrong  
SL162/14 Chevrolet 1969-05-22 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Bob Dini => Jerry Weichers (1989) {wrecked} => Tom Coburn (~2000s~2010) Before sold to Coburn it was restored and chassis was rebuilt by Harold Drinkwater.
SL163/15   1969 Group 7/66 Carl Haas ...=> Chuck Haines => Mac McLendon => Jim Gallucci (1985)  
SL163/16 Chevrolet 1969-05-09 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Dick Durant (11/1969) => Dick Zingre (8/1973) => Chuck Haines => Jim Bartel (1982~1999) => Bill Kasmer Car was rebuilt with a tub SL163/15 probably. Original tub sold to: Larry Teaberry => R. McLean (1987) => Don Bell (2002); Don Bell had two tubs, both with "Laboratory car #5".
SL163/17 Chevrolet 1969-05-15 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Roger Penske => Eno de Pasquale (late 1969) => Zac Brown (2008) => Aaron Lewis (~2013) Raced once by Donohue, now used by De Pasquale but retained by him until 2008)
SL163/17a Chevrolet 1969 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Roger Penske => Eno de Pasquale (late 1969) => Bill Gelles (1/8/1979) => Joe Wally (19/2/1992) => Russell Phelon (1994~2005) Never raced by Donohue or Penske but was raced by De Pasquale. Restored by Bud Bennett before sold to Russell Phelon.
SL163/18 Chevrolet 1969-06-03 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Robbins-Jefferies => David F. Causey (1970) => Stan Siegel => ?, Japan (1990) => Rick McLean, USA (1/1992) => Bud Bennett => Joe Wally => Louis Buffalo => ...=> ??? Daniel Lipetz (~2009) Raced by Revson in Can-Am 1969, then by Dave Causey in Can-Am 1970. Later rebodied with T70 Mk.3 Coupe body.
SL163/19 Chevrolet 1969-06-12 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Gary Wilson => Jim Butcher (end 1970) => Bob Kempel (1972~1974) => ??? => Alex Stemmer => Grant Beath, CDN (~mid 1990s~2000) Wrecked by Gary Wilson at Riverside 1970, then it had tub repaired and prepared for Can-An 1971 season for Jim Butcher. Later converted to a road car.
SL163/20   1969-06-21 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => G. Auto => ?, California Color: blue. Never raced.
SL164/21 Chevrolet 1969-10-06 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Marshall Brooke Doran (1970) => Joe Wally => Scott Bader (~2005) Referred to as T163B. Late 1969 Can-Am season Haas's car driven by Chuck Parsons.
SL165/22 Chevrolet 1970-03-26 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Jack Hinkle (1970) => Rick Nero => Joe Wally => Steve Rees (1989) => Allan Schanman => Bruce Canepa => Mike Taggart => Jack Henkle Raced by Jack Hinkle in SCCA races in 1970. While owned by Rees it was crashed at Road Atlanta and rebuilt by Bud Bennett. Prior sold to Jack Henkle it was restored by Bruce Canepa (the car was for sale in 1999 by Canepa design).
SL165/23 Chevrolet 1970-04-21 Group 7/66 Carl Haas => Jerry Hansen => Paul Ritsos (1970) => ?, Arizona => ... => Rick Dittman (2002) => => Jim Ferro (~2012) Hansen raced it in SCCA races. Then raced also by Ritsos, who crashed it.
SL165/24   1970-06-22 Group 7/66 Carl Haas …=> F. Reed Andrews (~1973)=>…=> Mac McLendon => Don Beisner (1988) => … => Martin Christensen (~2009)  
SL165/25 Chevrolet 1970 Group 7/66 Peter Gregg => Bobby Thompson => Joe Wally => Larry Castleman This car isn't listed on Lola production list. The car was in In the Novi Museum (~2005).

Chassis T162 was identical with Lola T70 Mk.3B and all mechanical parts were interchangeable between the to models.

Lola T220 series chassis numbers

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
SL220/01 Chevrolet 1970-06-03 Gr.7 Carl Haas {destroyed} Driven by Peter Revson in 1970.
SL220/02 Chevrolet 1970 Gr.7 Carl Haas => Jerry Hansen (1970/11) => Dan Kampo (1973~1974) => Jerry Hansen (1975~1977) => Bob Akin (~1979) => ... => Thompson, USA (~1984~1985) => ... => Kaus/Bianco Rosso collection => ?, Hawaii (~2009) Driven by Peter Revson in 1970.
T222-HU03 Chevrolet 1971-02-18 Gr.7 Jo Bonnier => Régis Fraissinet ...=> Galland Denis (~2005) Color: blue.
T222-HU04 Chevrolet 1971-03-04 Gr.7 Jo Bonnier =>? Brescia Corse/Mario Casoni (1972) Raced by team Bonnier in Interserie. Probably the car that was sold to Brescia Corse/Mario Casoni for Interserie 1972.
T222-HU05   1971-03-22 Gr.7 Jo Bonnier    
T222-HU06 Chevrolet 1971-04-20 Gr.7 Carl Haas => Dave Causey ...=> Daniel Lipetz (~2005~2009)  
T222-HU07 Chevrolet 1971-04-29 Gr.7 Carl Haas => Bob Nagel ...=> Gene Fisher (1973~1974) => ... ...=> John Hunt (1980a) => Geoff Hobbs => ... => David Edwards (~2004~2006) Color: blue.
T222-HU08 Chevrolet 1971-05-20 Gr.7 Carl Haas ...=> ??Joe Wally, USA (mid 1990s)  

The T222-HU01 and T222-HU02 are shown as listed in Lola records but they could be actually SL220/01 and SL220/02. It is subject to be confirmed.

Lola T260 chassis numbers

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
T260-HU1 Chevrolet 1971-6-3 Gr.7 Carl Haas => Jerry Hansen (1972) => Bob Nagel (1973) Driven by Jackie Stewart in 1971.
T260-HU2 Chevrolet 1971-7-20 Gr.7 Carl Haas => Tom Heyser => John Gunn (1973) => ... => Bobby Thompson  

Lola T310 chassis numbers

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
T310-HU1 Chevrolet 1972-06-30 Gr.7 Carl Haas => Jerry Hansen (1972/11) => Elliott Mendenhall => Bruce Langson (~1976~1977) => ... => Bob Lee (~1996) => Todd Smathers (2000) => Tim Mullins, USA (2008) Can-Am 1972 with David Hobbs. Driven by Hansen in National Championship in ASR late in 1972. Then raced by Mendenhall in Southwest division of the SCCA. Since acquired by Langson, he won every South Division race entered.
T310-HU2           Apparently built second T310 but it is not even mentioned in Lola records.

Lola T333 chassis numbers

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
T333-HU1 Chevrolet 1977-4-25 Can-Am V.D.S. ...=> John Odell (~2005) 1977 Warwick Brown car, crashed at Laguna Seca. This was rebuilt and acquired chassis plate 'HU1-1'. Crashed somewhere else and rebuilt on third tub as it becomes 'HU1-1-1' as raced by Brown R5 Watkins Glen 1978 and R8 Trois Rivieres 1978. Presumably the spare taken to Australia early 1978. Crashed yet again by Brown at first race of Rothmans series in Australia Feb 1979. This was then the 1979 Geoff Lees ground-effect VDS/T333CS (as at R5 Watkins Glen 1979). Later converted to Frissbee.
T333-HU2 Chevrolet 1977-4-25 Can-Am V.D.S.   VDS car for Peter Gethin Can-Am 1977 (first raced R1 St Jovite 12 Jun 1977); VDS for Brown Rothmans series in Australia Feb 1978. Presumably the VDS backup car 1978. Crashed Laguna Seca 1978? For Brown races 2-4 Rothmans series in Australia Feb 1979. Driven by Lees for VDS R8 Trois-Rivieres 1979.
T333-HU3 Chevrolet 1977-5-27 Can-Am Haas/Jim Hall   Color: white. Carl Haas for Patrick Tambay 1977 in time for R3 Watkins Glen (9-10 July). Wrecked at R4 Road America in practice and rebuilt on a new tub (HU6) at Highland Park on the Saturday to return for the race on Sunday as a "new car"? So does HU3 no longer exist? Could it have been rebuilt later to be the Hansen car or the 1978 Jones backup?
T333-HU4 Chevrolet 1977-5-27 Can-Am Haas/Paul Newman   Color: red. Newman for Elliot Forbes-Robinson Can-Am 1977 (first raced R1 St Jovite 12 Jun 1977, also raced at R3 Watkins Glen and R7 Trois Rivieres). Became the first Spyder
T333-HU5 Chevrolet 1977-6-1 Can-Am Haas/Paul Newman   Color: red. Newman for Elliot Forbes-Robinson Can-Am 1977 (presumably the 1977 spare; the car EFR "flew in" R1 St Jovite 1977). EFR's backup Spyder in 1978.
T333-HU6 Chevrolet 1977-6-30 Can-Am Haas Racing   Color: red. Carl Haas for Patrick Tambay 1977 (in use by R7 Trois Rivieres so presumably the car built so rapidly for R4 Road America). Presumably therefore the Jerry Hansen car in 1978. Or could be Jones backup car in 1978 so then the Nelkin car (the car wrecked by Nelkin in pre-season testing 1980). By the way, the car Price Cobb drove for Nelkin in 1979 was HU53 and was the car that went on to Charlie Kemp. If HU6 did go to Hansen, then which T333 was Jones' 78 backup car?
T333-HU7 Chevrolet 1977-8-5 Can-Am Haas Racing   Color: red. Probably Carl Haas for Patrick Tambay 1977. Definitely Jones' car at R5 Watkins Glen 1978 and R8 Trois-Rivieres 1978. Ickx R8 Trois-Rivieres 1979. Haas backup for Jackie Ickx 1979 (T-car Watkins Glen 1979 - Erwin) alongside HU12. Could be the 1979 backup car sold to Roy Woods for 1980.
T333-HU8 Chevrolet 1978-6-22 Can-Am Haas/John Morton …=> Victor Felice/Team Southwest European (2001~2005) Color: red. John Morton 1978 - 1979.; in 2001 racing in the Arizona region of the National Auto Sport Association in the Open Unlimited class. HU8 holds the 2001 NASA record at Firebird Main Track, East Track and West Track as well as Las Vegas (NASA-SoCal). The car is powered by a new Chevrolet ZZ4 engine and driven by Victor Felice/Team Southwest European. (converted as Frissbee)
T333-HU9 Chevrolet 1978-6-22 Can-Am Haas {car burnt out} (Ferbuary 1979) Color: white. Hogan Racing for Al Holbert Can-Am 1978 (as raced R5 Watkins Glen 1978 and R8 Trois Rivieres 1978). This car burnt out in testing February 1979.
T333-HU10 Chevrolet 1978-7-18 Can-Am Haas   Color: white. Invoiced on 18 Jul 1978 to 'Haas'. Maybe the Tom Frank car?
T333-HU11 Chevrolet 1979-1-12 Can-Am Haas   Color: white. Bobby Brown Can-Am 1979 (as driven at R8 Trois-Rivieres 1979). Advertised by Brown On Track 18 Jun 1984 "last T-333 built by Lola". Raced by Jim Cooke in Can-Am 1984.
T333-HU12 Chevrolet 1979-2-28 Can-Am Haas Racing   Color: grey. Carl Haas for Jackie Ickx Can-Am 1979 (as at R5 Watkins Glen 1979). Then possibly Randolph Townsend 1980.

Lola T530 chassis numbers

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
T530-HU1 Chevrolet 1979-12-20 Can-Am Haas Racing => John Foulston, GB (1982) => Alan Fowler, GB (1984) => Peter Baljet, CDN Color: red. Probably Tambay's spare car in 1980; Baljet believed still owner in 2000.
T530-HU2 Chevrolet 1980-3-24 Can-Am Haas Racing => John Foulston (1982) => David Brazell (1996) Color: red. Probably Tambay's race car in 1980; one of Haas cars sold to John Foulston in the UK bought one car from Haas in 1983 for Thundersports, the other came to Alan Fowler in early 1984 and then to a Canadian collector; this car still owned by Brazell in 2000. (Car wrecked at Watkins Glen 1981 and this history probably belongs to HU3)
T530-HU3 Chevrolet 1980-3-17 Can-Am Haas => V.D.S.   Color: red. Probably Brabham's spare car in 1980. Subsequent history unclear but believed to be the basis of VDS-001 in 1981. (not: after Wood crashed at Watkins Glen 1981 VDS spare car, HU3 or HU4 came to Haas to replace wrecked HU2)
T530-HU4 Chevrolet 1980-3-31 Can-Am Haas => V.D.S. => Rex Ramsey (1982) => Mike McComas (1988) => Paul Saur ...=> ?, USA Color: red. Probably Brabham's race car in 1980. Now believed to be in New York
T530-HU5 Chevrolet 1980-3-31 Can-Am Haas => Paul Newman => Mike Brayton => Burke Ratcliffe, GB (1986) => Rosso Bianco Collection, D (1990) Color: Budweiser red. Raced by Forbes-Robinson in 1980; after sold to Burke-Ratcliffe, immedially written off while testing in June 1986, then rebuilt as a show car. Believe still at Bianco Rosso in 2000.
T530-HU6 Chevrolet 1980-4-11 Can-Am Haas => Velez => Héctor Roldan, CO (1981~1985) => Londoño => Oswaldo Fajardo => Oswaldo Fajardo & Jose Clopatofsky Londoño (late 1980s~2006) Color: white. Raced by Bridge-Londono.
T530-HU7 Chevrolet 1980-4-18 Can-Am Haas => Paul Newman => Mike Brayton => Burke Ratcliffe, GB (1986) => Mike McComas (1989) => Shane Windleburn, NZ Color: Budweiser red. Raced by South in 1980 and destroyed at Brainerd Can-Am race in 1980; raced in Thundersports 1986, then a spare car in 1987/88; built up as show car when owned by Ratcliffe; In 1999 still retained at Shane Windleburn.
T530-HU8 Chevrolet 1980-5-14 Can-Am Haas => Robert J. Nelkin => Newman Racing (1980) => Garvin Brown (1981) => Michael Brayton (1982) => Burke Ratcliffe, GB (1986) => Mike McComas (1989) => Bud Bennett (1996) => Scot Kennedy (1996/7) => Norm Goldrich (1998/9) Color: black. Ordered by Jake Caplan but not delivered; wrecked by Nelkin at Watkins Glen 1980(?), rebuilt on fresh tub; probably raced by Rosberg in 1980 for Newman Racing; probably raced by Sullivan in 1981. Wrecked in testing accident (Brands Hatch June 1986). Replacement car built for 1987
T530-HU9 Chevrolet 1980-7-7 Can-Am Haas => Garvin Brown => Mike Freberg (1982) Color: black. Raced by Sullivan in 1980 and probably in 1981; Wrecked at Laguna Seca October 1982, scrapped.
T530-HU10 Chevrolet 1980-7-17 Can-Am Haas => Bobby Rahal ... => John Foulston (1985) => Nick Whale (1997) => ?, USA (2000) Color: black. (??For 1981 rebuilt as VDS-001 and raced by Brabham in 1981 and by Holbert in 1982??). Built in July 1980 but may not have been completed. This number used on VDS car raced by John Foulston in 1985-87.

Accumulation of T530 and T532 parts plus tub acquired from Lola by Burke-Ratcliffe, GB in 1986. To Mike McComas (1989) => Bill Chizar (1995) => Mike Duncan => Mel Stillman. Retained 1999.

Can-Am cars derived from formula racing cars:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
T332-HU51     Can-Am   ...=> Johan Woerheide (~2005~2006)  
T332C-HU55     Can-Am   ...=> Johan Woerheide (~2005~2006) Schkee DB1/2

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