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Nissan chassis numbers

Lola built group C1 Nissan chassis numbers:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
R89C-01 Nissan 1989-04-11 C1 Nissan Europe   Color: red/white/blue. Perhaps in 1990 still owned by Nismo in Japan (raced at WSPC Suzuka '90). Race by Cougar at Le Mans 1990.
R89C-02 Nissan 1989-04-24 C1 Nissan Europe => NISMO (1989) Color: red/white/blue. Updated to R90CP in 1990.
R89C-03 Nissan 1989-05-16 C1 Nissan Europe => NISMO (1989) => Team Le Mans (1990) In 1990 raced as R90V.
R89C-04 Nissan 1989-05-25 C1 Nissan Europe    
R89C-05 Nissan 1989-07-18 C1 Nova Engineering    
R89C-06 Nissan 1989-08-18 C1 Nova Engineering    
R90C-01 Nissan 1990-01-16 C1 Nissan Europe    
R90C-02 Nissan 1990-02-16 C1 Nissan Performance Technology    
R90C-03 Nissan 1990-02-28 C1 Nissan Europe    
R90C-04 Nissan 1990-03-23 C1 Nissan Europe ...=> USA (2001) Historic racing.
R90C-05 Nissan 1990-04-11 C1 Nissan Performance Technology    
R90C-06 Nissan 1990-05-04 C1 Nissan Europe   Used as spare car by Nova Engineering in 1991 (borrowed from Nissan). In 2007 in Nissan's Zama facility in R91CK-like trim and From A yellow colours.
R90C-07 Nissan 1990-12-13 C1 Nova Engineering ...=> Charlie Agg (~2007) Updated in 1993 to become R93CK.

Nissans R89C were chassis Lola T89/10 and Nissans R90C were chassis type Lola T90/10

R90C cars were all built to R90CK specifiaction except the last chassis 07 that was built as R91CK.

There were several Nissan R91s and R92s in JSPC 1991 and later. Non of them were a new chassis but rather just updated R89's and R90C's.

Electramotive GTP Nissan chassis numbers:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
ZXT-8801 Nissan 8/3/1988 GTP Electramotive   IMSA winner 1988. In 2002 on display at the Nissan factory in Japan. In 2003 loaned to the Petersen Museum, L.A.
ZXT-8802 Nissan 1988 GTP Electramotive   Never raced. Car destroyed at Lime Rock 1988 during debut just after completing only 15 laps. Parts were used for 8805.
ZXT-8803 Nissan 1988 GTP Electramotive => Jim Busby (1989/12) => David Seabrook (1990/4) => Morris Shirazi (1991/1) => Bob Pond (1992/11) => Michael Lauer (1998) => Wayne Jackson (2002) Car raced in vintage racing after sold to Michael Lauer. Destroyed at Road Atlanta 25/4/2002. Bob Akin, the driver, was tragically fatally injured in the accident. The car is being rebuilt (in 2003).
ZXT-8804 Nissan 1988 GTP Electramotive => Morris Shirazi (1990/7) => Sold at Monterey auction (1995/8) => STPO (1996/4/25)  
ZXT-8805 Nissan 1988 GTP Electramotive => Jack Dunn (1995/3/28) => Benton Bryan (1997/10) => STPO (1997/12) Built to replace 8802. In 1990 used as a test car. Never raced at its time.

NPTI GTP Nissan chassis numbers:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
NPT90-01 Nissan 1990 GTP Nissan Perf. Technology => Oliver Kuttner (1995/5/24) => J. Oppenheimer (2001/11/7) Raced by NPTI in 199092.
NPT90-02 Nissan 1990 GTP Nissan Perf. Technology => Kelly Kono => Louis Buffalo Raced by NPTI in 199091. In 1992 as a spare car but destroyed at Road Atlanta. Re-tubbed and rebuilt later by Matrix Motors.
NPT90-03 Nissan 1990 GTP Nissan Perf. Technology => Oliver Kuttner (1995) => => Donald Coaster (~2008) Back up car in 1990. Raced in 1991 and early 1992. Car leased to Gianpiero Moretti/Momo for IMSA 1993 season. Car was crashed at the end of 1991 season, then a new car was built around a new tub. Original tub was later repaired by Matrix Motors. Rebuilt car sold to Peter Stoneberg/Peter Racely.
NPT90-04 Nissan 1991 GTP Nissan Perf. Technology => ? First car with the 4-valve headed engine. Six-speed gearbox. The car written off at Road Atlanta 1992 accident and re-tubbed by Matrix Motors.
NPT90-05 Nissan 1992 GTP Nissan Perf. Technology => Bryan Benton (or Paul Reisman?) Raced by NPTI in early 1992 races. For 1993 season leased to Momo as a spare car.
NPT90-06 Nissan 1992 GTP Nissan Perf. Technology => Bruce Canepa Aluminum chassis. Fitted with 2.5 liter engine, single turbo. Ran in couple of races in July 1992.
NPT90-07 Nissan 1992 GTP Nissan Perf. Technology => Louis Buffalo (or Brian DeVries?) Fitted with 2.5 liter single-turbo engine. Chassis only, no rollcage. Never assembled in period. Later when owned by Louis Buffalo assembled at Matrix Motors. Vintage raced in HSR.
NPT90-08 Nissan     Paul Wesserlink   Original chassis. Built up after NPTI by Matrix Motors.
NPT90-09 Nissan     Matrix Motors   Built by Matrix Motors.
NPT90-10 Nissan     Peter Racely/Peter Stoneberg => Donald Coaster (~2008)  
NPT90-11 Nissan     Matrix Motors => Jim Oppenheimer (RM Motorsport) => Kobsak Chinawongwatana (~2009) Built by Matrix Motors. Sold by Matrix Motors to RM Motorsport. Another with, apparently, the same number sold to Jacques Rivard, then sold to rpesent owner.
NPT90-12 Nissan          
NPT90-13 Nissan          
NPT90-14 Nissan     Nick Randall   Sold for UK series. Different suspension pick-up points.
NPT90-15 Nissan          

Nissan NP35

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
NP35-001 Nissan 1992 C1a      
NP35-002 Nissan 1992 C1a      

One of them fitted with Ferrari 3.4 litre engine.

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