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Spice chassis numbers

Early Group C Spices:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
SE86C-001 DFL 3.3 1986 C2 Spice Engineering Chamberlain (end 1987) => Graff (1988)=>Lombardi (1988) ... => AGS Racing => Nigel James, GB (2000) => Ian Stinton, GB (2005) Spice/Bellm won C2 drivers championship 1986/87. In 2000 was restored for 2001 Group C Revival meetings by ProSport 3000 1997and 1998 Champion Nigel James.
SE86C-002 Hart 1.8T 1987 C2 Chamberlain ...=> Martin Birrane (~2007)  
SE87C-003 DFL 3.3 1987 C2 Spice Engineering GP Motorsport (end 1987)  
SE88C-001 DFL 3.3 1988 C2 Spice Engineering PC Automotive (1989)  
SE88C-002 DFL 3.3 1988 C2 Ricci/Chamberlain Ricci/France Prototeam (1989)  
SE88C-003 DFL 3.3 1988 C2 Spice Engineering Team Mako/McNeil Engineering (1989) Won C2 championship 1988.
SE88C-005 DFL 3.3 1988 C2 Ricci France Prototeam (1989) ... => Nick Randall (owner in 2000) In 1989 modified SE88C chassis (Ford DFZ 3.5 C1)
SE88C-006     C2 Chamberlain ...=> Duncan McKay (~2006)  

Early IMSA Spices:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
PSGTPL1 Pontiac 1986 Lights Spice Engineering => Ball Brothers (1987) => Frank Everett (1988~1989)  
PSGTPL2 Pontiac 1986 Lights Spice Engineering => Huffaker Racing (1988~1990) Originally a show car in 1986 before came to Huffaker.
PSGTPL3 Pontiac 1986 Lights Spice Engineering? => Whitehall => Essex Racing => Morgan/Hessert => Brix ... => Mark Pritch Won Lights class at Daytona 24 hours 1987. Converted to Buick when owned by Essex.
SE87L-001 Pontiac 1987 Lights Spice Engineering => Essex Racing (1989) During 1988 season still raced by Spice Engineering it was fitted with SE88 style bodywork. Later owned by Charles Morgan?
SE87L-002 Pontiac 1987 Lights Spice Engineering => Whitehall => Jim Kirby owned by Don Bell?; its first season 1987 started as factory car, before end taken by Whitehall
SE87L-003 Pontiac 1987 Lights Spice Engineering => Whitehall Motorsports => Comptech Racing The first car that was fitted with the 4v Pontiac Cosworth engine.
SE88P-001 Pontiac 1988 GTP Spice Engineering => Bill Kroll (Whitehall) => Huffaker => …=> ?? Kinsler fuel injection company Raced by factory team in IMSA 1988.
SE88P-002 Pontiac 1988 GTP Spice Engineering => Bill Kroll (Whitehall) => Huffaker => Classic Cars Spare factory IMSA car in 1988. Classic Cars team fitted a Ferrari twin turbo engine and did not qualify at Le Mans 1991.
SE88P-002 (two same chassis?) Buick 1988 Lights Scott Schubot => Andy Evans (1991) => {destroyed in fire} (1992) The first '88 style car fitted with Buick engine. The car won 1989 Lights championship. Destroyed in a trailer fire along with 90-015 in 1992.
SE88P-003 Pontiac 4.5 1988 GTP Steve Durst Racing => Essex Racing => Graham Williams => Carlos Bobeda Lightweight GTP car with c/l bodywork. It has been changed around very much.
SE88P-004 Pontiac 1988 Lights Whitehall Motorsports    
SE88P-005??? Pontiac 1988 Lights Essex Racing   Second Essex Racing chassis, possibly owned earlier than SE88P-003.

1986 specification Spices were called SE86CL.

Spices built since 1989:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
SE89P-001 Pontiac 1989 GTP Spice Engineering => Racecraft International (~2/1990) => Tom Milner (end 1990) => … => Sesan Racing Team, CO (1995~2012)  
SE89P-002 Pontiac 1989 GTP Spice Engineering => Robert E. Lee (2/1990) => Rudy Kline (end 1990) => Bill Bachman, USA (late 1990s) => Jim Oppenheimer (2005) => Bud Bennett (2006) => Lilo B., USA => Stefano Rosina (2007) During 1990 raced by Tom Milner Racing. While owned by Rudy Kline it was in Tom Milner shop and raced by Milner's team. Raced in vintage events during 2003.
SE89P-003 Chevrolet 1989 GTP Jim Miller Racing   In 1996 still owned by Jim Miller but not raced.
SE89-? Ferrari 1989 Lights Martino Finotto   By 1996 still in Italy.
SE89C-001 DFR 3.5   C1a Chamberlain ...=> Ian Fraser (~2006) Winner FIA Cup 1992. Maybe renumbered SE89C-101(005).
SE89C-002 DFL 3.3 1989 C2 Graff Racing ... => Mike Jankowski (owner in 2000) Type: SE88C. In 2000 class winner at Donington Park and Nürburgring (Oldtimer GP) and 3rd in class at Silverstone (fitted with DFR 3.5 litre).
SE89C-003 DFZ 3.5 1989 C1a Spice Engineering => collector, Belgium (1991) => Jim Mullen (1998) => Joe Hish, Geneva, Illinois (1999) Jim Mullen bought car with DFY engine installed.
SE89C-004 DFZ 3.5 1989 C1a Spice Engineering Berkeley Team London (1990) ... Italy => Joe Hish In 1990 DFR 3.5 C1a. When imported to U.S. from Italy it had Ferrari engine.
SE89C-005 DFL 3.9 1989 C2 Team Istel Chamberlain (1990) The car was renumbered in 1990 as SE89C-101, later it was known as SE89C-001.
SE89C-006 DFL 3.3 1989 C2 Chamberlain   Won C2 championship 1989.
SE90-? Ferrari 1990 Lights David Tennyson => collector (Ed Davies?) Collector bought it to run in in club events after 1995.
SE90-? Pontiac 1990 GTP Hotchkis Racing    
SE90-008 DFR 3.5 1990 C1a GP Motorsport => Tim Lee-Davey (1992) …=> ?? Craig T. Nelson (1994) => RaceStar Motorsport (1999) Spice chassis 008 was raced by RaceStar Motorsports in 2000 (fitted with Chevrolet) when was called ex-Craig T. Nelson car (Lexus engined). Is the same car as original GP Motorsport car??
SE89-009 DFL 3.3 1990 C2 PC Automotive    
SE90-011 DFRS 3.5 1990 C1a Spice Engineering De Dryver (SWC 1992)  
SE90-013 Chevrolet 1990 GTP Spice Engineering => Auto Toy Store (~1992) => ... => John Robarge (2005~2006)  
SE90-014 DFL 3.3 1990 C1a Charles Zwolsman ... => Nick Randall (owner in 2000) Raced by Chamberlain Engineering in 1990. At Le Mans 1990 ran in C2. Rebuilt to WSC/SR1 specification. Raced in ISRS.
SE90-015 Buick 1990 Lights Spice Engineering   Lopez/Velez won 1990 Lights championship.
SE90-016 DFRS 3.5 1990 C1a Spice Engineering => collector, Belgium (1991) => Jim Mullen (1997) Jim Mullen still owner in 2000. Raced in HSR 2000.
SE90-017 DFZ 3.5 1990 C1a AO Racing    
SE90-018   1990 C1a Obermaier Engineering …=> Bobby Brown (1995) Since 1995 run by Bobby Brown in open WSC form. Converted car called HC94 was fitted with Oldsmobile engine, later with Chevrolet. In 1994 probably raced by Brix Racing.
SE90-019   1990 C1a Chamberlain ... => Team S.C.I. Raced in Interserie by S.C.I.
SE90-020 DFZ 1991 C1a Euro Racing ... => Auto Toy Store => Bill Hart (2000) The car was raced at Miami in 1993 and wasn't raced after that since Bill Hart bought it in 2000. Engine: Nicholson McLaren built a DFZ for this chasis for Spice Engineering.
SE90-021 DFZ 3.5 1991 C1a Fedco    
SE90-022 DFR 3.5 1991 C1a Euro Racing => Cor Euser => Jim Mullen (1997) => Peter McLaughlin, Hanover, New Hampshire (4/2000) Was it owned by Euser in 1991 when raced by Euro Racing?? When sold to Jim Mullen it was impecabbly restored, and updated to rocker rear suspension, carbon brakes etc. Raced in HSR 2000.
SE91-024 Honda Acura 1991 Lights Comptech Machine Inc.    
SE92-025 Chevrolet 1992 GTP Spice USA/David Tennyson => Mark Pritch, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida (1993) => Jim Mullen (1999) Last car built by Spice USA. Originally standard bodywork later rebuilt and campaingned in IMSA with one off narrow cockpit, bi-plane rear wing. Driven by Tennyson it finished 8th in IMSA campionship in 1993. Raced in HSR 2000.
SE93-027 Honda Acura 1993 Lights Brix Racing    
SE90-028 Ford 1992 C1a S.C.I. Team   Last chassis built.(?)
SE92-unnumbered?   1992 Lights     New tub built for Comptech. No chassis number was ever assigned to this tub.
unnumbered   WSC     … => Mark Pritch Built for Brix Racing as WSC car. Chassis plate remains blank - unnumbered. In 2001 owned by Mark Pritch.

Spice built Pontiacs GTO and GTU:

Chassis Engine Year Group First owner Next owners (year) Comment
GTU-001 Pontiac   GTU Huffaker Racing    
GTU-002 Pontiac   GTU Dick Murray Racing    
GTU-003 Pontiac   GTU     This was a kit of bits built up later on by Huffaker. It was raced as GTU car, then modified to a Trans-Am car. Later history unknown.
GTO-001 Pontiac   GTO Dingman Bros. Racing   The only GTO car built by Spice won its first race at Miami, ran one season and them parked. In 1996 believed to be still in Dingman's shop.

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